What is a Free Vehicle Health Check?

Free Vehicle Health Check from Maitland Motors

We often talk about our Free Vehicle Health Check here at Maitland Motors, but what does that mean for you and why should you book in for one?

A vehicle health check gives our mechanics the chance to give your car a really good overall inspection up on the ramp.

We will visually check areas of your car inc,
wipers & washers,
seat belts,
power steering,
cooling system,
condition of the exhaust,
and all safety components.

After all the checks have been carried out we’ll advise you of the condition of your car and if there is anything that is cause for concern. There is no obligation to have any further works carried out but its always good to be aware of any possible repairs that may need addressing sooner rather than later. Especially if your MOT is soon. We can arrange a quote of any works we advise and take it from there.

We aim to help keep your car safe and legal on the road while giving you peace of mind when behind the wheel. Most of us use our cars every day with friends and family as passengers so making sure it is as safe as it can be so is important for all drivers.

If you have any questions, please just leave them in the comments below, we always love hearing from you. Or if you’d like to go ahead and book in for a Free Vehicle Health check, just call the office on 01592 328848 for availablity.