#tipthursday Take advantage of Payment Assist with Maitland Motors

Payment Assist is a great way to spread the cost of your bill, helps you budget for larger bills and is fee & interest free. Win, win!

Did you know we offer Payment Assist here at Maitland Motors? This is a great way to split the cost of large/ unexpected bills over 4 payments with no fees or interest. You pay a 25% deposit of your total bill when you pick your car up after the works have been carried out, then the remaining balance in 3 payments over the next three months. It’s a great way to budget your garage bill and makes looking after your car a lot less stressful without the worry of being able to afford it or not. So, if you’ve been putting off work such as a service, due to affordability, then this is something we can arrange for you meaning your car is maintained and as safe as it can be.

Find out more from Payment Assist, call our office on 01592 328848 or send us an email to maitlandmotors@gmail.com