#tipthursday Save money in the long run by servicing your vehicle

The benifits of serving your vehicle reguarly and how it can help save you money.

Save money in the long run by servicing your vehicle

Booking your service can often seem like an unnecessary expense, especially at the moment with the rising costs of living. However, by following your service schedule as much as possible, you will help to reduce future vehicle repairs and maintenance costs.

Benefits of servicing your vehicle regularly inc,

  • It helps your car run effectively and efficiently, saving on fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your car.
  • Prevention of parts failing and further, more costly repairs.
  • It helps keep you safe and legal on the roads.
  • Less likely to break down saving on the costs of recovery & repairs.
  • A well maintained and cared for car will hold more of its value if you decide to sell.
Service your vehcile
Prevention is better (more cost-effective) than cure, especially when it comes to vehicles.

Estimated prices for your particular make and model of vehicle are available upon request. (Each and every vehicle is so different (amount of oil required, parts needed, etc, can all affect price), that we don’t advertise fixed prices.) If you have any questions about servicing or would like to book your vehicle in, call or email us.